Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Biological Children of "Sperm Donor" Thomas Lippert

We believe that it is possible that Thomas Lippert has many biological children living in the Salt Lake City area, Minnesota and beyond. The parents of these children may be completely unaware that their child is not biologically related to the presumed father. If you or someone you know was conceived through artificial insemination at the fertility clinic associated with the University of Utah, otherwise known as Reproductive Medical Technologies, you need to be aware of this potential. We encourage you to have your children tested at one of three companies offering genealogy DNA tests where the biological relatives of Thomas Lippert have tested for comparison purposes. These are 23andMe, AncestryDNA and Family Tree DNA. This is not a legal paternity test and is for informational purposes only.

Although some may feel that it is preferable not to know if Mr. Lippert is the biological father of your child, we believe the knowledge of biological heritage is essential to avoid half-siblings who may be living in the same communities potentially engaging in romantic relationships, as well as for family medical history.

Thomas Lippert worked at the fertility clinic from 1986-1997 or 1998, but began donations in 1983. It is possible that his sperm sample was exchanged with other intended fathers' samples and/or was frozen under other names and used after this time.

For more information, details can be found here or please contact lippertschildren@hotmail.com .

Thomas Lippert as a young man

Tom Lippert as he looked while working at the clinic

**Update 2/25/14: We have now confirmed that Thomas Lippert was a popular "approved" sperm donor, Donor #044, with donations beginning in 1983. In addition to being used hundreds of times in Salt Lake City, his sperm was regularly shipped to Dr. Urry's Minnesota fertility clinic and, on occasion, to other states. This greatly increases the likelihood of two or more of the hundreds of young adults who were fathered by Tom meeting and developing  a relationship.

He was described in a 1991 donor profile as an attorney with 24 years of schooling. Blond with blue eyes, 5'11 and 190 lbs, O negative blood type with German heritage. Hobbies include: traveling, sports, music and videography. In 1983 he was described similarly, but instead of an attorney, he was listed as a TA (teacher's assistant) and grad student with more than ten years of education. Interests include: stamp collecting, medicine and sports. 

Dr. Urry's former office manager who was familiar with the success of Tom's donations confirmed that Tom could easily have hundreds of children, including many at Dr. Urry's Minnesota clinic, and the University of Utah's own spokesperson admitted that thousands of families could be affected. 

If any families discover that they are indeed affected by Tom's actions and wish to bring legal action against the university, please be advised that legal action must be commenced within one year of discovery. 

**Update 4/12/18 - The photo of the unidentified boy has been identified and removed.